Crafts & Creations

Crafts & Creations

About Creating!

Vanita assembles and creates miniature 12″-scale homes, room-boxes, handmade books, journals, unique keep-sake boxes, and various polymer clay designs. Retirement is good, and it is now time to bring, what use to be a personal hobby, to the forefront of KSI.

The Dava Nuptial Roombox


I have been building and creating dollhouse miniatures for over 15 years. I’ve always been a closet–but passionate–interior designer. So, over the years, I have built over eleven 12-inch scale miniature homes and several room-boxes. It’s much less expensive than redesigning our actual home every year. I currently have 9 miniature homes and room-boxes in my studio collection, including ones built from scratch, which are my own designs; as well as some created from kits.

Book-making Press

This is a shout-out to RGT (Real Good Toys). You see their houses in Hobby Lobby. Go ahead! Buy one of the kits you see! They are so fun, and if you are the creative-type, it will be a real hoot!


I also enjoy making handmade books and journals, but mostly “books.” That’s because my books have something already in them. I like to take old books, whose copyright has expired and bound them. Like “Solitudes” –seen here! I also like to make handmade self-help books. Because the potential demand could be unmanageable, I don’t sell these online yet.  However, I will start selling them on Etsy in the near future. Stay tuned! I’ll let you know!

Here are a couple of books, journals, and creations of my own:

KSI Handmade Journals
The Solitudes of Man
KSI’s Polymer Clay Over Jars Designs


Polymer Clay Creations – are one of my newer pursuits. I’m always looking at what I can repurpose. Jars are my favorites when it comes to polymer clay. I create things out of jars that would normally go into “file-13”–that’s aka for “the trash.” The flower jars on this page are an example of my polymer clay fun. I also make polymer clay mezuzahs.  The next thing I’m working on are those little ginseng bottles. They make great pendants and keepsakes.




Amazon Boxes w/A Face-Lift

Creative Boxes – I also like to take nice boxes and repurpose them for storing small items–or just for a good design look. These stack of boxes were three separate deliveries–of something I ordered! Don’t remember! But I do keep good strong boxes. These are great to sell at the flea market. Hobby Lobby and Michael’s have great supplies of designer paper. If you want the shiny-look, all you need is a few coats of Mod-Podge.



Dave and I are planning to do some serious castle-hopping over the next few years. We’ll start next year when I’m too old to be in the Air Force anymore. What on earth is castle-hopping? You will find the answer to that question in the Mansions Passions menu above, in Crafts & Creations. Several years ago, A & E television network ran a series called “America’s Castles.” I’ve been hooked ever since. I love interior design, and I love houses! So, the retirement bucket-list includes traveling the USA and visiting these incredible landmarks. Take a look at the “Mansions” tab in the menu for more information.


The world is full of people who create things! Are you one of them?

I’m sure you are! I hope my particular crafts and creations inspire you to discover yours.

Until next time…Keep on Creating!

Because we’re made to create!