KSI Miniature Homes

KSI Miniature Homes

Welcome aboard! It’s KSI’s Miniature Homes

Miniature homes have been a long-time passion for me. It started back in 2001 during a holiday excursion to Joann’s. Standing at the checkout, I saw this dollhouse kit on sale for $25. I thought, “That looks fun. I can do that!”  With my love and passion for interior design, I was hooked. Here is a picture of that little jewel fully furnished. Since then I have built, either from kits or from scratch, over a dozen 12-inch-scale homes and numerous room-boxes. Some, I’ve given away to family, and others were donated.

This is a true passion and a very enjoyable one at that!

On this page, I will be featuring my homes and telling their stories.

If you want to see stuff now: Go to my Pinterest page: https://www.pinterest.com/vanitawarren/vanitas-crafts-creations/my-miniature-homes/

Stay tuned…so much more to come!