Mansions Passions-Nemours

Mansions Passions-Nemours

Mansion Passion! du Pont’s Nemours

Not only do I love miniature homes…

Nemours Mansion (du Pont)

I love humongous homes!

The Nemours Mansion and Beautiful Gardens

The Nemours Mansion and Gardens, located in Wilmington, Delaware, is a 300-acre country estate with a memorable French formal garden (Jardin a la Francaise). It was built in 1909 by Alfred I. du Pont and designed in the classical French style to resemble a chateau in the Louis the XVI Rococo style. It boasts 105 rooms on five floors and encompasses about 47,000 sq ft. It was specifically built as a gift for Alicia, Alfred’s second wife, Alicia; and it is currently owned and managed by the Nemours Foundation.

Understandably, this mansion is one of the hallmarks of the du Pont legacy. “Nemours” is a town in the northern part of France, which is associated with the du Pont great-great-grandfather, Pierre Samuel d
u Pont de Nemours. Thus, the name of the mansion is a tribute to their family heritage.
I recently visited this mansion with my sister. I was struck by its obvious magnificence, yet its beauty is simple and welcoming.
It’s a “must see” if you are ever in Delaware.
Nemours Gardens
The Library
The Garage