Mansions Passions-Woolworth

Mansions Passions-Woolworth

Mansion Passion! Woolworth Townhouse!

Not only do WoolworthI love miniature homes, I love humongous homes!

This is the Woolworth Townhouse

The Woolworth “Five and Dime” retail chain of Frank Woolworth expanded so rapidly at the turn-of-the-century that he could afford to hire Charles Pierpont Henry Gilbert, the famous architect of New York City mansions in the French Gothic style. For four years (1911–1915), C.P.H. Gilbert worked on Woolworth’s three townhouses on East 80 Street. They were designed for his three daughters; Edna, Helena, and Jessie. This particular one was built for Helena and was the largest of the three at 35 feet wide. As in the photo to the left, it is flanked by two 25’ wide sister buildings. The mansion was for sale in 2011. 

JUST A COOL $90 Million in 2011.

Can’t afford a $90 million mortgage with $330,000 per month mortgage payments? In 2011, it was also available for rent at $165,000/month.