Williams’ Genealogy

Williams’ Genealogy


The Williams’ Family Genealogy Page

Hey, Williams’ Clan!

I’m will be putting a lot of our family genealogy on this site so everyone can see the same thing! I will center it around Samuel and Winfra and their ancestry; thus, 1930’s and before. I will have several sub-folders:

Simuel Williams LINE – via Ethel & Harrison:

  • PARENTS: Harrison Williams (1888) & Ethel Adams (1896)
  • G-PARENTS: Simp (Simeon) Adams (1876-son of Elbert) & Patricia Gore (1881-Dau of Walter)
  • 1x MGG-PARENTS: Elbert Adams (1837-son of Emily) & Sylvia (1835-Nee: Unknown)
  • 2x MGGG-PARENT: Emily Adams (1817-Nee: Unknown)
  • 1x MGG-PARENTS: Walter Gore (1860-son of Rebecca) & Mariah Hudson (1857)
  • 2x MGGG-PARENT: Rebecca Gore (1834-Nee: Unknown)

Winfra Jean Huff LINE – via Hattie & Louis:

  • PARENTS: Louis Huff (1910?-No information on Huff)& Hattie Benton (1910)
  • G-PARENTS: William R. Benton (1863-son of Joshua) & Celia Byrd (1867)
  • 1x MGG-PARENTS: Joshua Benton (1821-Mulatto son of Burrell) & Jane Tippet (1820-Dau. of Chloe)
  • 2x MGGG-PARENT: Burrell Benton (1781-Slaveowner-son of James) & Slave(s) [Unknown]
  • 3x MGGGG-PARENT: James Benton (1743-Slaveowners) & Sarah Davis (1759)
  • 1x MGG-PARENTS: Jacob Byrd (1840-son of “Daddy”) & Mary Jones (1848)
  • 2x MGGG-PARENTS: “Daddy” Byrd (1810) & Claracy (1815-Nee Unknown)
  • 2x MGGGG-PARENT: Chloe Tippet (1770-Nee Unknown-Born in Africa)

You can learn more about the Benton family line, under the “Benton Genealogy” menu.